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Our Practitioners

The psychotherapists, counsellors and wellness practitioners at The Iveagh Practice are highly qualified and commited to helping you through the difficult periods in your life.

Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What our
clients have to say


I started Amatsu therapy about two years ago. I didn’t know much about it but I was willing to try what for me was unconventional. I suffer from back pain and my psyche has a huge impact on my physique so I often felt out of balance but, who knew that there was this technique out there that will help you align what your daily stress skews. If I was to describe it, it is like a milder form of osteopathy so gentle that it feels like magic, though the benefits are immeasurable. I leave every session looking forward to the next, feeling very relaxed and a bit lightheaded. Clare has changed my life, I now understand my body when it talks to me. I couldn’t hear it before.

Mon Calvo

I recently experienced an extremely powerful Reiki experience with Shauna. From the moment I stepped into Shauna’s healing room I felt a deep sense of calmness and healing. Shauna is a very professional and intuitive healer, I was amazed at how much she could feel into my energy field. During the session I could physically feel so much tingling coursing through my body and a deep connection to my true self, beyond the ego where time and space didn’t seem to exist.
Shauna’s authentic healing leaves me feeling so clear, calm, connected and present. Working with Shauna may grant you the space to transform from the inside out and that’s why I continue to work with her. Thank you again Shauna for your beautiful transformative healing. 


Kate helped balanced my body after suffering from collagenous colitis. She also helped prepare it for upcoming fertility treatments and regulate my period cycle. I am very happy with her reassuring approach and treatment. With her help we were successful with fertility treatments and baby is expected any day. Definitely a 5 star service.