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Alan Dempsey

Energy Healing

Alan is a natural-born healer passionate about energy healing and empowering people to help them heal themselves. His studies commenced in 2019, including Ama Deus Reiki, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Quantum Healing, Shamanism, Psychic Surgery, hypnotherapy, and Anatomy and Physiology.

His studies allowed him to develop his healing methods to become a channel for earth and universe energies to alleviate imbalances enabling the client to heal, grow and connect to one’s higher self.

In 2021, he established a practice of working with people who had suffered traumatic and negative experiences to help guide them to restore balance in their lives.

The treatments involve clearing the unhealthy energies associated with past traumatic and negative experiences, releasing the emotions, and regaining lost essences allowing the client to heal.

The healing methods used are non-intrusive, allowing clients to connect with their inner selves and working towards restoring balance in the mind, body, and soul.

Phone: 087 656 0418