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Couples Counselling, Dublin

Relationship counselling can be beneficial for couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship which can manifest as conflict, arguments and emotional distance. 

Often couples try their best to reconnect and sort through the disagreements but communication break down and misunderstandings can be rife and it can seem impossible to resolve the issues and find a way through.

This can result in both partners feeling lonely, disconnected and hopeless as the connection they once felt with each other seems so out of reach. Even though each partner is doing their best, attempts to reconnect and work through difficulties can result in more misunderstandings, arguments and an escalation of resentments and hurts which drive the couple further away from each other into a negative spiral which is the opposite of the closeness and connection that each partner yearns for.

Couples counselling offers a way through these difficulties, an opportunity to work through the problems that are causing distress. With the help of your therapist you can begin to understand the deeper reasons from both your present, and your past, for your complex reactions to each other. You will develop a deeper understanding of the often unknown and more vulnerable emotions underneath the reactions you have to each other. Your therapist will help to map out the negative cycles that you are falling into and how to work through these when then arise.

From a place of awareness and understanding of both yourself and your partner and with the knowledge of the negative relationship cycle you can begin to change the patterns in your relationship and move from conflict, distance and mistrust to a place of connection, intimacy and safety.