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Individual Psychotherapy & Counselling in Dublin

Our Psychotherapy and Counselling Services in Dublin can offer a confidential space in which to explore past or present issues that may be affecting your life.

There are times when we are going through difficult transitions or the challenges of life leave us feeling stressed, isolated or overwhelmed and we need to take some time and space to reflect and sort through the events and issues in our lives which are causing confusion or distress. During these times, talking to a qualified mental health practitioner can be hugely beneficial.

Together with your counsellor or psychotherapist you will look at the current issues affecting you today and work through any unresolved trauma so you can find better ways to cope and manage your current life stresses. You will also explore and come to a deeper understanding of how the roots of these issues may come from unresolved experiences from your past and how this affects both your view of yourself and your life.

Individual psychotherapy and counselling offer a non-judgmental place to explore limiting beliefs and insecurities that you may hold about yourself and with the help of your therapist you can develop a better self relationship, learning to replace negative self talk with compassion and self belief. Through this new awareness and understanding, you can make different choices about how to be in relationship to yourself and to the world, that are more congruent and aligned with your deeper emerging self.

Psychotherapy can enable you to find better ways of coping with present difficulties and gives you an opportunity to work through issues and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back so that you can move forward and create a more meaningful life in line with your deeper values and aspirations.

Although each psychotherapist and counsellor has their way of working we all share the same core values of empathy and unconditional positive regard towards our clients and a willingness to provide a safe and nurturing space for the client to grow into more of themselves.

The sessions usually occur on a weekly or fortnightly basis at the same day and time and are 50 minutes long. In person sessions take place at either of our practices at 37 Wexford st, Dublin 2 or 13 Fade st, Dublin 2.

Some issues psychotherapy can help with:

  • Depression and sadness
  • Lack of direction and motivation
  • Identity issues- who am I?  what do I want from life?
  • Anger and issues around self- assertiveness
  • Relationship breakdown, loss and grief
  • Negative thinking
  • Low self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Sexual trauma and abuse
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Trauma and unresolved childhood issues
  • Work place issues and related stresses
  • Issues around sexuality
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Bullying and emotional abuse
  • Feeling alone and isolated