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Amatsu, Dublin

Amatsu therapy is a physical therapy which stems from Japan. It facilitates the body, as a whole, to return to a natural state of wellbeing.

It is a gentle and non- invasive therapy with the work being conducted through your clothing. Working with muscles, ligaments, tendons, systems and organs it re-patterns, releases and restores overall balance within the body. Our bodies and sense of self can be deeply affected in our daily lives by emotional, physical and environmental factors. These factors are addressed and treated accordingly in a treatment/balance realigning the body while promoting and supporting good health and wellness. Amatsu nurtures and nourishes the innate wellness within so that the body can, ultimately, heal itself.

Amatsu therapy is suitable for all age groups and is an ideal treatment for shedding the buildup of everyday stresses and strains.

Clare Irwin

Amatsu Therapist, Dublin