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Life Coaching, Dublin

Working with a life coach will help you identify your goals and enable you to work through the obstacles holding you back from achieving them to reach your full potential.

Life coaching can help clients improve relationships, career and their day to day lives with a bespoke coaching strategy. Whether your goals are long or short term, a life coach can make a bespoke plan that is achievable for you and suited to your needs.

In the sessions you will work beneath the surface to identify the conscious and unconscious obstacles such as unresolved traumas, negative belief patterns, anxiety etc. We then offer the tools and resources and work together to help you overcome each obstacle. Once you have identified your goals, we create a plan to achieve them, holding you accountable and supporting you along your journey through any obstacles and anxieties that may arise along the way until you have reached each goal.

Life coaching is a solution focused and supportive system which helps empower you to identify your goals and work towards achieving them. It is perfect for someone who is ready to move forward but needs some guidance and structure.

It can give you a map of where you want to go and how to get there and your life coach will help you to stay focused on your destination and be there for you along the way.

Shauna Ahern

Life Coach, Dublin